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Be Sure Before You Book

First you should understand what booking platforms do. Any booking platform such as Booking.com or any other platform online act as a middle man between you and the accommodation owners. These platforms make your accommodation searching easier. They list multiple properties for you to choose from. In Booking.com’s case they have over 6.6 million accommodation listings to choose from all over the world.

  • Seach all properties, on the booking portal you are using, in the area you are hoping to visit. Find the best property at the best price. Listings will have reviews. Make sure to read the reviews to make your decision.
  • Check the cancellation policy of each property you are considering.
  • Do not go off the booking portal site to pay for your accommodation. Scammers are everywhere. They can post fake listing on booking portals but will ask you to use another app to pay. Recently I heard of a couple who booked an eigth thousand dollar trip but were asked to use Whatsapp to pay. They were scammed, but fortunnately got their money back. You should only pay through the booking portal.
  • There is not much consumer protection for your booking cancellation by the property owners. The booking portal will not cancel your booking. This is done by the property owners or managers. Some are known to do this if there is a big event. They cancel bookings and relist them at a hgher price. When this happens you should get your deposit back but you may be without a room. It’s not right but it happens. In many cases the booking portal will drop that property from their listings.

Overall booking platforms perform a valuable service. We have used Booking.com for all of our reservations in the last two years without an issue. We will continue to do so.

No Matter Where You Are Traveling

We have travelled to may places. I have to give Booking.com a big thumbs up. Additionally we have never had an issue with any property they promote.

In addition they offer their services in 43 languages. Furthermore they offer more than 28 million accommodation listings. This includes over 6.6 million homes, apartments, and other unique places to stay around the world.

All I can say that you won’t go wrong if you book through Booking.com.


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