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Atlantic Canada Traveler is an Atlantic Canada community information site. We will be providing resources in the form of articles and links to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador and Prince Edward island communities.

One of our main objectives is to donate 20% of our earnings to Atlantic Canada food banks. We are able to do this because of our low overhead. Domain name, hosting, social media marketing are all relatively inexpensive. We would love to be able to offer some employment in the future in the form of part time work at home work. At this point it is not necessary to do so.

Our Objectives

The goal of Atlantic Canada Traveler is to provide as much information on Atlantic Canada communities people, attractions and places of interest. This is our home and we are proud of it. All four provinces have a lot to offer. The friendliest people and the most beautiful vistas anywhere. We are dedicated to traveling to as many communities in Atlantic Canada as we can. We want to pass along our experiences and hopefully give you even more reasons to visit.

Third part Links

As well we offer links to the best accommodations. Accommodations are listed through Booking.com. The reason we use their services is because of our own experiences. We have used their booking platform for the last two years to book our own accommodations. We have never had an issue with any booking. In fact on a recent trip to Newfoundland we found some of the accommodations were better than described.

As an affiliate of Booking.com and we receive a small commission on any accommodation bookings through out site. This is only on completed bookings and is only paid on completed paid bookings. Our commission comes out of Booking.com’s fees they receive from the accommodation owner. This is not added to the price of the accommodation. This is at no extra cost to anyone using this site. We do not accept credit cards or take anyone’s information on our site. Our links are referral links only. We do not work for nor do we represent any third party affiliate partners.

What You can Do

Anyone who lives in Atlantic Canada can contribute. Write about you community! Tell everyone why they should visit your community. Plus if you are a blogger you can get a free one way link to your blog. Send your information to admin@atlanticcanadatraveler.com

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If you have any issues at all on our site with accessing any pages or links please contact us.

Thank you for your support and enjoy the site.

No Matter Where You Are Traveling

We have travelled to may places. I have to give Booking.com a big thumbs up. Additionally we have never had an issue with any property they promote.

In addition they offer their services in 43 languages. Furthermore they offer more than 28 million accommodation listings. This includes over 6.6 million homes, apartments, and other unique places to stay around the world.

All I can say that you won’t go wrong if you book through Booking.com.


Affiliate disclosure: This site contains affiliate links. If someone make a purchase through these links we may earn a small commission. At no extra cost to you! You get the same discounts, sales etc. as anyone else. Thank you in advance.